Annals Of Agricultural And Environmental Medicine

Journal Abbreviation: ANN AGR ENV MED
Journal ISSN: 1232-1966 (Print), 1898-2263 (Electronic)

About Annals Of Agricultural And Environmental Medicine

    Diseases associated with agriculture, forestry, and food-industry, particularly those caused by biohazards (allergic and immunotoxic diseases, zoonoses): study of exposure, characterisation of agents, experimental models, epidemiological and clinical reports.
    Because of the similarity of the pathomechanisms, the editors are also interested in papers on biohazards causing diseases in other environments (sewage and waste handling, cotton industry, mouldy houses, etc.).
    Health effects of chemical pollutants in agricultural areas, including occupational and non-occupational effects of agricultural chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers) and effects of industrial disposal (heavy metals, sulphur, etc.) contaminating the atmosphere, soil and water.
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