Annals Of Global Analysis And Geometry

Journal Abbreviation: ANN GLOB ANAL GEOM
Journal ISSN: 0232-704X, 1572-9060

About Annals Of Global Analysis And Geometry

    The Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry contribute to an enlargement of the international exchange of research results in the fields of global analysis and geometry. The journal treats, in particular, global problems of geometry and analysis as well as the interactions between these fields and their application to problems of theoretical physics.

    The areas covered include: global analysis, differential geometry, complex manifolds and related results from complex analysis and algebraic geometry, Lie groups, Lie transformation groups and harmonic analysis, variational calculus, applications of differential geometry and global analysis to problems of theoretical physics.
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2017/2018 - 0.774 45
2016 - 0.713 41
2015 - 0.835 43
2014 - 0.684 44
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