Biomedical Chromatography Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: BIOMED CHROMATOGR

Journal ISSN: 0269-3879 (Print), 1099-0801 (Electronic)

Latest Impact Factor: 1.662

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 1.662 241 3011
2012 1.945 218 2861
2011 1.966 161 2728
2010 1.545 185 2273
2009 1.639 169 2122
2008 1.592 185 1781

About Biomedical Chromatography

    Biomedical Chromatography is devoted to the publication of original papers on the applications of chromatography and allied techniques in the biological and medical sciences. Research papers and review articles cover the methods and techniques relevant to the separation, identification and determination of substances in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology, clinical chemistry, pharmacology and related disciplines. These include the analysis of body fluids, cells and tissues, purification of biologically important compounds, pharmaco-kinetics and sequencing methods using HPLC, GC, HPLC-MS, TLC, paper chromatography, affinity chromatography, gel filtration, electrophoresis and related techniques.