Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

Journal Abbreviation: BIOMED PHARMACOTHER
Journal ISSN: 0753-3322 (Print), 1950-6007 (Electronic)

About Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

    Biomedicine and pharmacotherapy is one of the few journals at the forefront of fundamental and technical science, biological and medical disciplines, therapeutics and pathological description. General fields of interest include molecular and cell biology, genetic disease, immunology and immunoregulation and chemotherapy. Special emphasis is placed on studies of specific topics such as differentiation, pharmacology and toxicology, preclinical and clinical pharmacology, the effects of drugs on cell structural and functional elements, the mechanism of gene regulation in normal and pathological cells, the role of viruses and parasites and the therapy of the diseases they induce.
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2015 2.326 293
2014 2.023 155
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