Cell Death And Differentiation Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: CELL DEATH DIFFER

Journal ISSN: 1350-9047 (Print), 1476-5403 (Electronic)

Latest Impact Factor: 8.385

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 8.385 153 15552
2012 8.371 190 14551
2011 8.849 174 13183
2010 9.05 174 12873
2009 8.24 157 11655
2008 7.548 206 10309

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About Cell Death And Differentiation

    Cell Death & Differentiation is a journal devoted to the cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry of cell death and differentiation, both in normal tissue regulation and in disease. To this end, Cell Death & Differentiation provides a unified forum for scientists as well as clinicians. It is committed to the rapid publication of high quality original papers that relate to these subjects, together with topical, usually solicited, reviews, meeting reports, editorial correspondence and occasional commentaries on controversial and scientifically informative issues.