Climate Dynamics

Journal Abbreviation: CLIM DYNAM
Journal ISSN: 0930-7575, 1432-0894

About Climate Dynamics

    The international journal Climate Dynamics provides for the publication of high-quality research on all aspects of the dynamics of the global climate system.

    Coverage includes original paleoclimatic, diagnostic, analytical and numerical modeling research on the structure and behavior of the atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere, biomass and land surface as interacting components of the dynamics of global climate. Contributions are focused on selected aspects of climate dynamics on particular scales of space or time.

    The journal also publishes reviews and papers emphasizing an integrated view of the physical and biogeochemical processes governing climate and climate change.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 3.774 466
2016 - 4.146 468
2015 - 4.708 403
2014 - 4.673 401
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