Computers Environment And Urban Systems

Journal Abbreviation: COMPUT ENVIRON URBAN
Journal ISSN: 0198-9715

About Computers Environment And Urban Systems

    Computers, Environment and Urban Systemsis an interdisciplinary journal publishing cutting-edge and innovative computer-based research on environmental and urban systems, that privileges the geospatial perspective. The journal welcomes original high quality scholarship of a theoretical, applied or technological nature, and provides a stimulating presentation of perspectives, research developments, overviews of important new technologies and uses of major computational, information-based, and visualization innovations. Applied and theoretical contributions demonstrate the scope of computer-based analysis fostering a better understanding of environmental and urban systems, their spatial scope and their dynamics.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles
2016/2017 2.659 70
2015 2.092 82
2014 1.537 62
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