Computers & Geosciences

Journal Abbreviation: COMPUT GEOSCI-UK
Journal ISSN: 0098-3004

About Computers & Geosciences

    Method development: describes new computation methods for the geosciences using standard scientific article format; includes a range of methods such as those for geoscience information infrastructure, collection, representation, management, analysis, visualization, as well as for software development and scientific and social use of geoscience information. This also includes new educational methods as well as comparison of significant computational methods for the geosciences using well-defined benchmarks to reveal new understanding about the nature or use of the methods. In general, papers should include both a novel method or comparison, and a demonstration of relevance to the geosciences. Emphasis is on novelty of method, or comparison with other methods.
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2017/2018 - 2.567 188
2016 - 2.533 196
2015 - 2.474 183
2014 - 2.054 196
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