Journal Abbreviation: DEVELOPMENT
Journal ISSN: 0950-1991 (Print), 1477-9129 (Electronic)

About Development

    Development is a leading primary research journal in the field of developmental biology that is published by The Company of Biologists, a not-for-profit charitable organization run by biologists for the benefit of the biological community. From its initial launch in 1953 as the Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology to the present day, Development continues to publish cutting-edge research articles across the spectrum of plant and animal development, covering topics ranging from stem cells and nuclear reprogramming, to evolutionary developmental and systems biology, from neurobiology to regional specification, morphogenesis and organogenesis, and from epigenetics to the aetiology of disease.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles Total Citations
2017/2018 - 409 53815
2016 - 427 52509
2015 - 402 52227
2014 - 463 54140

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