Emotion Review

Journal Abbreviation: EMOT REV
Journal ISSN: 1754-0739 (Print), 1754-0747 (Electronic)

About Emotion Review

    Emotion Review is a fully peer reviewed scholarly journal. It adheres to a blinded peer review process in which the reviewer"s name is routinely withheld from the author unless the reviewer requests a preference for their identity to be revealed. All manuscripts are reviewed initially by the Editors and only those papers that meet the scientific and editorial standards of the journal, and fit within the aims and scope of the journal, will be sent for outside review.

    Emotion Review will focus on ideas about emotion, with "emotion" broadly defined. The Review will publish articles presenting new theories, offering conceptual analyses, reviewing the literature, and debating and critiquing conceptual issues.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles Total Citations
2017/2018 - 38 1942
2016 - 37 1342
2015 - 54 1245
2014 - 39 930