European Physical Journal C

Journal Abbreviation: EUR PHYS J C
Journal ISSN: 1434-6044, 1434-6052

About European Physical Journal C

    - Theoretical Physics
    Electroweak interactions and QCD
    Nonperturbative strong interactions
    Heavy flavour physics
    Lattice field theory
    High temperature QCD and heavy-ion physics
    Beyond the standard model
    Astroparticle physics and cosmology
    Quantum field theories and string theories
    Computational algorithms and tools

    - Experimental Physics
    Hadron and lepton collider physics
    Lepton nucleon scattering
    High energy nuclear reactions
    Standard model precision tests
    Search for new physics beyond the standard model
    Heavy flavour physics
    Neutrino physics
    High energy cosmic rays
    Dark matter searches
    Particle detector developments
    Accelerator physics
    Computational methods and analysis tools
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2017/2018 - 894 19814
2016 - 558 18242
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2014 - 518 12961