Experimental And Applied Acarology

Journal Abbreviation: EXP APPL ACAROL
Journal ISSN: 0168-8162 (Print), 1572-9702 (Electronic)

About Experimental And Applied Acarology

    Experimental and Applied Acarology publishes original papers of a high scientific standard in this field. The journal aims to bring together basic and applied research papers mainly on mites and ticks, including all aspects of their control. The scope encompasses agricultural mites, stored-product mites, parasitic mites, mites of environmental significance and ticks of medical and veterinary importance. Submission of papers on tick-host interactions and relationships between ticks and tick-borne pathogens is encouraged. Subject matter dealt with may originate from a wide variety of disciplines, such as ecology, epidemiology, physiology, biochemistry, toxicology and pesticide resistance, immunology, genetics and molecular biology.
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