Journal Abbreviation: EXTREMES
Journal ISSN: 1386-1999 (Print), 1572-915X (Electronic)

About Extremes

    Extremes publishes original research on all aspects of statistical extreme value theory and its applications in science, engineering, economics, and other fields. It also presents authoritative reviews and case studies of theoretical advances and of extreme value methods and problems in important applied areas.

    Previously scattered across more general probability journals, statistical extremes research now has a home with this journal. As a result, Extremes advances and accelerates research and applications by providing a unified forum for the best papers in the field. Applied scientists find comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of theoretical developments and specialists find authoritative discussions of urgent applied problems.
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2017/2018 - 34 519
2016 - 29 558
2015 - 28 502
2014 - 28 457