Fish Physiology And Biochemistry

Journal Abbreviation: FISH PHYSIOL BIOCHEM
Journal ISSN: 0920-1742 (Print), 1573-5168 (Electronic)

About Fish Physiology And Biochemistry

    Fish Physiology and Biochemistry is an international journal publishing original research papers in all aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of fishes. Papers dealing with experimental work in the following areas will be given preference, but other topics will be given consideration:
    - Biochemistry of organisms, organs, tissues and cells.
    - Structure of organs, tissues, cells and organelles related to their function.
    - Nutritional, osmotic, ionic, respiratory and excretory homeostasis.
    - Nerve and muscle physiology.
    - Endocrinology. Reproductive physiology.
    - Energetics.
    - Biochemical and physiological effects of toxicants.
    - Molecular biology and biotechnology.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 1.735 138
2016 - 1.647 146
2015 - 1.442 126
2014 - 1.622 163
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