Food Hydrocolloids

Journal Abbreviation: FOOD HYDROCOLLOID
Journal ISSN: 0268-005X (Print), 1873-7137 (Electronic)

About Food Hydrocolloids

    Food Hydrocolloids only publishes original and novel research that is of high scientific quality. Research areas include basic and applied aspects of the characteristics, properties, functionality and use of macromolecules in food systems. Hydrocolloids in this context include polysaccharides, modified polysaccharides and proteins acting alone, or in mixture with other food components, as thickening agents, gelling agents, film formers or surface-active agents. Included within the scope of the journal are studies of real and model food colloids - dispersions, emulsions and foams - and the associated physicochemical stability phenomena - creaming, sedimentation, flocculation and coalescence.
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