Food Science And Technology Research Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: FOOD SCI TECHNOL RES

Journal ISSN: 1344-6606

Latest Impact Factor: 0.355

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 0.355 148 560
2012 0.471 119 611
2011 0.557 81 486
2010 0.439 93 450
2009 0.401 92 368
2008 0.365 88 279

About Food Science And Technology Research

    "Food Science and Technology Research", published by the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology, features reviews as well as original and technical articles on basic and applied food research.
    The main objective of this periodical is the dissemination of information relating to current research results, novel theories and technologies, and professional activities across geographical as well as academic boundaries. Coverage ranges from chemistry, biotechnology, nutrition, physical and physicochemical properties, processing, cooking, unit operations, analysis, measurements and control, safety and health to marketing and environmental aspects related to food.