Functional Plant Biology

Journal Abbreviation: FUNCT PLANT BIOL
Journal ISSN: 1445-4408 (Print), 1445-4416 (Electronic)

About Functional Plant Biology

    Functional Plant Biology publishes papers that contain new and significant information about plant functions and their regulation, especially in relation to changing environments. FPB encourages papers on emerging concepts and new tools in plant biology, and studies on the following functional areas encompassing work from the molecular through whole plant to community scale.

    Focus areas:

    - Emerging science
    - Plant growth and development
    - Photosynthesis
    - Carbohydrate metabolism
    - Nutrient uptake and metabolism
    - Effective resource utilisation
    - Root-rhizosphere biology
    - Reproduction biology
    - Seed and fruit biology
    - Stress tolerance
    - Defence and protection
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 2.083 108
2016 - 2.121 100
2015 - 2.491 106
2014 - 3.145 118
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