Iawa Journal

Journal Abbreviation: IAWA J
Journal ISSN: 0928-1541, 2294-1932

About Iawa Journal

    IAWA Journal (ISSN 0928-1541) is the continuation of the IAWA Bulletin (1970-1979), its New Series (1980-1992) (ISSN 0254-3915), and previous News Bulletins of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. It is published quarterly at the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Leiden University branch, The Netherlands. Each volume contains over 400 pages.

    The IAWA Journal is a scientific periodical, with papers covering all aspects, fundamental and applied, of wood and bark structure, such as:

    • structure-property relations
    • wood identification
    • methodology
    • ultrastructure
    • wood and bark anatomy per se
    • fossil woods and archaeology
    • systematic and phylogenetic wood anatomy
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