Iet Software

Journal Abbreviation: IET SOFTW
Journal ISSN: 1751-8806

About Iet Software

    IET Software publishes papers on all aspects of the software lifecycle, including design, development, implementation and maintenance. The focus of the journal is on the methods used to develop and maintain software, and their practical application. Authors are especially encouraged to submit papers on the following topics, although papers on all aspects of software engineering are welcome: Software and systems requirements engineering; Formal methods, design methods, practice and experience; Software architecture, aspect and object orientation, reuse and re-engineering; Testing, verification and validation techniques; Software dependability and measurement; Human systems engineering and human-computer interaction; Knowledge engineering.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles
2016/2017 0.733 20
2015 0.473 18
2014 0.595 27
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