International Journal Of Developmental Neuroscience

Journal Abbreviation: INT J DEV NEUROSCI
Journal ISSN: 0736-5748 (Print), 1873-474X (Electronic)

About International Journal Of Developmental Neuroscience

    The journal publishes results of original research on both basic and clinical aspects of the developing nervous system, ranging from simpler invertebrate systems and in vitro neural models to models of regeneration, chronic neurological diseases and aging. Papers concerned with both in vitro and in vivo studies are invited for editorial consideration.
    The journal will also publish original articles, editorials, reviews and communications from the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience covering all the latest developments in the field. Its main aims will be to facilitate the transfer of basic information to clinical applications and to promote an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of neural growth, development and pathology.
Year IF Total Articles Total Cites
2015/2016 2.380 - 3155
2014 2.580 105 2982
2013 2.918 100 2901
2012 2.692 76 2714
2011 2.418 107 2565
2010 1.938 78 2218
2009 2.025 104 2089
2008 1.869 89 1984