Journal Of Asian Earth Sciences

Journal Abbreviation: J ASIAN EARTH SCI
Journal ISSN: 1367-9120

About Journal Of Asian Earth Sciences

    The scope includes deep processes of the Asian continent and its adjacent oceans; seismology and earthquakes; orogeny, magmatism, metamorphism and volcanism; growth, deformation and destruction of the Asian crust; crust-mantle interaction; evolution of life (early life, biostratigraphy, biogeography and mass-extinction); fluids, fluxes and reservoirs of mineral and energy resources; surface processes (weathering, erosion, transport and deposition of sediments) and resulting geomorphology; and the response of the Earth to global climate change as viewed within the Asian continent and surrounding oceans.
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2017/2018 - 2.866 385
2016 - 2.335 278
2015 - 2.647 453
2014 - 2.741 366
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