Journal Of Climate Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: J CLIMATE
Journal ISSN: 0894-8755

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 4.904 618 33436
2012 4.362 522 29876
2011 4.097 413 25403
2010 3.513 412 21987
2009 3.363 400 20458
2008 4.307 401 18203

About This Journal

    Published semimonthly by the American Meteorological Society, the Journal of Climate covers climate research and, therefore, welcomes manuscripts concerned with large-scale variability of the atmosphere, oceans, and land surface, including the cryosphere; past, present, and projected future changes in the climate system (including those caused by human activities); and climate simulation and prediction. Occasionally the Journal of Climate will publish review articles on particularly topical areas. Such reviews must be approved by the Chief Editor prior to submission.