Journal Of The Geological Society

Journal Abbreviation: J GEOL SOC LONDON
Journal ISSN: 0016-7649

About Journal Of The Geological Society

    The Journal aims to publish the most topical and highest quality papers, summarizing the results of recent research across the full range of the Earth Sciences. Papers are frequently interdisciplinary in nature, often refer to regional studies and should emphasize the development of understanding of fundamental geological processes. The implications of regional studies should extend beyond their geographical context. Alternatively more specialized papers can be submitted, but they should be written in a style that is easily understood by non-specialists to illustrate the progress being made in that specific area of the Earth Sciences.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 2.683 77
2016 - 3.037 73
2015 - 2.473 66
2014 - 2.639 69
*This factor is calculated based on the citation information of journals in our database.