Journal Of Motor Behavior

Journal Abbreviation: J MOTOR BEHAV
Journal ISSN: 0022-2895 (Print), 1940-1027 (Electronic)

About Journal Of Motor Behavior

    The Journal of Motor Behavior, a multidisciplinary journal of movement neuroscience, is devoted to the further understanding of the basic processes underlying motor control and learning. The journal publishes articles from such diverse disciplines as neuroscience, biomechanics, neurophysiology, electrophysiology, psychology, bioengineering, and rehabilitation. A wide variety of articles report empirical findings, mathematical and computational models, and new theoretical perspectives, as well as methodological and technological developments. Review articles and invited articles by recognized authorities also appear. The journal also publishes Rapid Communications that showcase exciting new findings.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles
2016/2017 1.327 61
2015 1.573 56
2014 1.418 45
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