Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B

Journal Abbreviation: J VAC SCI TECHNOL B
Journal ISSN: 1071-1023

About Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B

    The Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B is devoted to reports of original research, review articles, and Critical Review articles. The JVST B has been established to provide a vehicle for the publication of research dealing with microelectronics and nanometer structures. The emphasis will be on processing, measurement and phenomena, and will include vacuum processing, plasma processing, materials and structural characterization, microlithography, and the physics and chemistry of submicron and nanometer structures and devices. The journal also publishes papers from conferences and symposia that are sponsored by the AVS and its divisions.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles
2016/2017 1.573 293
2015 1.398 281
2014 1.464 284
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