Macromolecular Materials And Engineering

Journal Abbreviation: MACROMOL MATER ENG
Journal ISSN: 1438-7492 (Print), 1439-2054 (Electronic)

About Macromolecular Materials And Engineering

    Macromolecular Materials and Engineering is the high-quality polymer science journal dedicated to the design, modification, characterization, and processing of advanced polymeric materials.

    With a significantly increased 2008 Impact Factor of 1.925 it is ranked among the top journals publishing original research in polymer science.

    As stated by Professor Rolf Mülhaupt, member of the Executive Advisory Board, "Macromolecular Materials and Engineering provides a very effective platform for scientific exchange in the multidisciplinary field of advanced materials research on engineering polymers as well as tailor-made functional polymer systems and new polymer additives".
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 2.69 168
2016 - 2.863 151
2015 - 2.834 120
2014 - 2.661 136
*This factor is calculated based on the citation information of journals in our database.