Marine And Freshwater Research

Journal Abbreviation: MAR FRESHWATER RES
Journal ISSN: 1323-1650

About Marine And Freshwater Research

    Marine & Freshwater Research is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes original and significant research from all aquatic environments and subject areas. Subject areas include biology and ecology, fisheries science, biogeochemistry, physiology, genetics, biogeography and phylogeography, hydrology, oceanography, toxicology, and aquatic ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling. Environments range from groundwaters, wetlands and streams to estuaries, rocky shores, coral reefs, and the open ocean.

    Papers that address broad conceptual questions, are interdisciplinary and of wide interest, and that consider further implications and management applications are especially encouraged, given the JournalĀ“s broad scope.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles Total Citations
2017/2018 - 220 4737
2016 - 177 4357
2015 - 124 4207
2014 - 106 3868