Michigan Law Review

Journal Abbreviation: MICH LAW REV
Journal ISSN: 0026-2234

About Michigan Law Review

    The Michigan Law Review is a journal of legal scholarship. Eight issues are published annually. Seven of each volume"s eight issues ordinarily are composed of two major parts: Articles by legal scholars and practitioners, and Notes written by the student editors. One issue in each volume is devoted to book reviews. Occasionally, special issues are devoted to symposia or colloquia.

    First Impressions, the online companion to the Michigan Law Review, publishes op-ed length articles by academics, judges, and practitioners on current legal issues. This extension of the printed journal facilitates quick dissemination of the legal community’s initial impressions of important judicial decisions, legislative developments, and timely legal policy issues.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles Total Citations
2017/2018 - 23 1963
2016 - 25 2370
2015 - 29 2402
2014 - 32 2212

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