Molecular And Cellular Endocrinology

Journal Abbreviation: MOL CELL ENDOCRINOL
Journal ISSN: 0303-7207 (Print), 1872-8057 (Electronic)

About Molecular And Cellular Endocrinology

    The scope encompasses all subjects related to biochemical and molecular aspects of endocrine research and cell regulation. These include: (1) mechanisms of action of extracellular signals, (2) interaction of these factors with receptors, (3) generation, action and role of intracellular signals such as cyclic nucleotides and calcium, (4) hormone-regulated gene expression, (5) structure and physicochemical properties of hormones, hormone receptors and other hormone-binding components, (6) synthesis, secretion, metabolism and inactivation of hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. (7) hormonal control of differentiation, (8) related control mechanisms in non-mammalian systems, (9) methodological and theoretical aspects related to hormonal control processes.
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