Molecular Oncology

Journal Abbreviation: MOL ONCOL
Journal ISSN: 1574-7891 (Print), 1878-0261 (Electronic)

About Molecular Oncology

    Molecular Oncology highlights new discoveries, approaches, as well as technical developments, in basic, clinical and discovery-driven translational research. Topics include:

    • Key biological processes such as cell cycle; DNA repair; apoptosis; invasion and metastasis; angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis; cell signalling and interactive networks; immune response.
    • Emerging technologies (genomics, proteomics, functional genomics, metabolomics, tissue arrays, imaging), and model systems.
    •Biomarkers: diagnosis, prognosis, stratification and efficacy.
    • Cancer genetics, epigenetics, and genomic instability.
    • Minimal residual disease, pre-malignant lesions.
    • Cancer micro-environment.
    • Molecular pathology.
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2014 - 5.331 135
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