Molecular Vision Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: MOL VIS

Journal ISSN: 1090-0535

Latest Impact Factor: 2.245

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 2.245 250 5765
2012 1.987 314 5160
2011 2.205 381 4645
2010 2.511 321 4268
2009 2.541 274 3434
2008 2.464 245 2721

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About Molecular Vision

    Molecular Vision is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the dissemination of research results in molecular biology, cell biology, and the genetics of the visual system (ocular and cortical).

    Molecular Vision publishes articles presenting original research that has not previously been published and comprehensive articles reviewing the current status of a particular field or topic. Submissions to Molecular Vision are subjected to rigorous peer review. Molecular Vision does NOT publish preprints.