Physics Of Plasmas

Journal Abbreviation: PHYS PLASMAS
Journal ISSN: 1070-664X, 1089-7674

About Physics Of Plasmas

    The scope of contributed material includes:

    ◦Equilibria, linear waves, and instabilities
    ◦Nonlinear behavior, including turbulent and stochastic phenomena and associated transport, and solitons and shock waves
    ◦Plasma physics of lasers and particle beams and charged-particle acceleration and transport
    ◦Radiation generation, transport, propagation, and interaction with plasmas
    ◦Low-temperature plasmas, including sources
    ◦Plasma chemistry and processing
    ◦Geophysical, planetary, solar, and astrophysical plasmas
    ◦Plasma confinement by magnetic fields
    ◦Inertial confinement physics
    ◦Physics of high energy density plasmas or matter under extreme conditions
    ◦Dusty plasmas
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