Plant Cell

Journal Abbreviation: PLANT CELL
Journal ISSN: 1040-4651 (Print), 1532-298X (Electronic)

About Plant Cell

    The Plant Cell publishes novel research of special significance in plant biology, especially in the areas of cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, development, and evolution. The primary criteria for publication are that the article provides new insight that is of broad interest to plant biologists, not only to specialists, and that the presentation of results is appropriate for a wide audience of plant biologists.

    The Plant Cell was founded on four key tenets: (1) to publish the most exciting, cutting-edge research in plant cellular and molecular biology, (2) to provide the most rapid turnaround time possible for reviewing and publishing a research paper, (3) to feature the highest quality reproduction of data.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 8.228 182
2016 - 8.688 177
2015 - 8.538 215
2014 - 9.338 311
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