Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion

Journal Abbreviation: PLASMA PHYS CONTR F
Journal ISSN: 0741-3335, 1361-6587

About Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion

    Subject coverage. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion covers all aspects of the physics of hot, highly ionised plasmas. This includes results of current experimental and theoretical research on all aspects of the physics of high-temperature plasmas and of controlled nuclear fusion, including the basic phenomena in highly-ionised gases in the laboratory, in the ionosphere and in space, in magnetic-confinement and inertial-confinement fusion as well as related diagnostic methods.

    Papers with a technological emphasis, for example in such topics as plasma control, fusion technology and diagnostics, are welcomed when the plasma physics is an integral part of the paper or when the technology is unique to plasma applications or new to the field of plasma physics.
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