Progress In Energy And Combustion Science

Journal Abbreviation: PROG ENERG COMBUST
Journal ISSN: 0360-1285 (Print), 1873-216X (Electronic)

About Progress In Energy And Combustion Science

    Conservation of energy requires an efficient combustion of fossil fuels, and the protection of the environment demands a limitation of the pollutants emitted from combustion systems. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science contains articles by internationally recognized authors in the fields of combustion, flames, fuel science and technology and energy studies. Each volume contains a number of specially commissioned review articles on a specific topic, which provides the reader with an orderly and concise survey of a particular aspect of combustion and energy. The length of the articles allows authors to discuss their subjects more fully and comprehensively than can be undertaken in papers reporting original work.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 25.242 29
2016 - 17.382 16
2015 - 16.784 17
2014 - 19.22 17
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