Reviews In Mineralogy & Geochemistry

Journal Abbreviation: REV MINERAL GEOCHEM
Journal ISSN: 1529-6466

About Reviews In Mineralogy & Geochemistry

    The enormously successful series is now published jointly by the Mineralogical Society of America and The Geochemical Society. Volumes 1-38 were published as "Reviews in Mineralogy" (ISSN 0275-0279). Volumes 1-6 originally appeared as "Short Course Notes" (no ISSN). The name was changed to "Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry" (RiMG) (ISSN 1529-6466) starting with Volume 39. Paul Ribbe was sole editor for volumes 1-41. He was joined by Jodi J. Rosso as series editor for volumes 42-53 in the RiMG series submitted through the Geochemistry Society. With his retirement, Jodi Rosso is now the sole editor for the series.
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