Rural and Remote Health

Journal Abbreviation: RURAL REMOTE HEALTH
Journal ISSN: 1445-6354

About Rural and Remote Health

    Rural and Remote Health was initiated in 1998 by a grant to Deakin University from the Department of Human Services, Rural health Division, Victoria, Australia. The initial vision was to serve rural and remote communities throughout the world by providing a community forum and specific health-related information. Since then, our one-person team of journal manager has grown to include:
    an international editorial board
    an editor-in-Chief
    regional editors
    regional editorial panels
    a software developer
    a production editor
    a Journal executive committee
    an international reviewer panel
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Total Articles
2016/2017 0.853 54
2015 0.783 66
2014 0.878 92
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