Stochastic Processes And Their Applications

Journal Abbreviation: STOCH PROC APPL
Journal ISSN: 0304-4149 (Print), 1879-209X (Electronic)

About Stochastic Processes And Their Applications

    Stochastic Processes and their Applications publishes papers on the theory and applications of stochastic processes. It is concerned with concepts and techniques, and is oriented towards a broad spectrum of mathematical, scientific and engineering interests.

    Characterization, structural properties, inference and control of stochastic processes are covered. The journal is exacting and scholarly in its standards. Every effort is made to promote innovation, vitality, and communication between disciplines. All papers are refereed.
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2017/2018 - 1.051 145
2016 - 1.024 147
2015 - 1.193 168
2014 - 1.056 161
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