Surgical And Radiologic Anatomy Impact Factor

Journal Abbreviation: SURG RADIOL ANAT

Journal ISSN: 0930-1038 (Print), 1279-8517 (Electronic)

Latest Impact Factor: 1.333

Year Impact Factor (IF) Total Articles Total Cites
2013/2014 1.333 134 1978
2012 1.13 141 1843
2011 1.056 135 1603
2010 0.827 149 1466
2009 - - -
2008 - - -

About Surgical And Radiologic Anatomy

    Anatomy is a morphological science which cannot fail to interest the clinician. The practical application of anatomical research to clinical problems necessitates special adaptation and selectivity in choosing from numerous international works. Although there is a tendency to believe that meaningful advances in anatomy are unlikely, constant revision is necessary. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, the first international journal of Clinical anatomy has been created in this spirit.
    Its goal is to serve clinicians, regardless of speciality-physicians, surgeons, radiologists or other specialists-as an indispensable aid with which they can improve their knowledge of anatomy.