Tree Physiology

Journal Abbreviation: TREE PHYSIOL
Journal ISSN: 0829-318X (Print), 1758-4469 (Electronic)

About Tree Physiology

    Tree Physiology publishes both technical reviews and original research reports on all aspects of tree physiology including: responses of forest, crop and ornamental tree species to acid rain, air pollutants, ultraviolet radiation and global warming; the genetic transformation and micropropagation of trees; tree growth, reproduction, nutrition, photosynthesis, and environmental adaptation; and the relation between tree structure and function.

    Tree Physiology was founded in 1986 by Alfred Burdett and Rozanne Poulson of Heron Publishing. Under their management, the journal grew in both size and reputation to become one of the top-ranking journals in the field.
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 3.389 145
2016 - 3.653 126
2015 - 3.587 108
2014 - 3.655 111
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