Veterinary And Comparative Orthopaedics And Traumatology

Journal Abbreviation: VET COMP ORTHOPAED
Journal ISSN: 0932-0814

About Veterinary And Comparative Orthopaedics And Traumatology

    V.C.O.T. deals with orthopaedics and traumatology in veterinary medicine, whilst also covering common approaches in human and veterinary medicine. The Journal meets the demands of its readers by focusing on both traumatological and practical aspects.
    Articles of a high scientific standard are published in English by international authors. Review articles, original papers, clinical communications, case reports, letters to the Editor, as well as the latest news in basic research inform the reader about new operating techniques and improvements in the materials used in implants.
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2017/2018 - 0.872 67
2016 - 0.917 80
2015 - 0.853 68
2014 - 0.894 77
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