Veterinary Parasitology

Journal Abbreviation: VET PARASITOL
Journal ISSN: 0304-4017 (Print), 1873-2550 (Electronic)

About Veterinary Parasitology

    This journal is concerned with those aspects of helminthology, protozoology and entomology which are of interest to animal health investigators, veterinary practitioners and others with a special interest in parasitology. Papers of the highest quality dealing with all aspects of disease prevention, pathology, treatment, epidemiology, and control of parasites in all domesticated animals, fall within the scope of the journal.

    Parasitological studies on laboratory animals fall within the scope of the journal only if they provide a reasonably close model of a disease of domestic animals. Additionally the journal will consider papers relating to wildlife species where they may act as disease reservoirs to domestic animals, or as a zoonotic reservoir.
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2014 - 2.46 434
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