Journal NameIF (2014)
Astronomy And Astrophysics Review17.737
Living Reviews In Solar Physics17.636
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series11.215
Annual Review Of Earth And Planetary Sciences8.582
New Astronomy Reviews6.429
Space Science Reviews6.283
Astrophysical Journal5.993
Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics5.810
Astrophysical Journal Letters5.339
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society5.107
Astronomy & Astrophysics4.378
Solar Physics4.039
Astronomical Journal4.024
Astroparticle Physics3.584
Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of The Pacific3.496
Meteoritics & Planetary Science3.104
Physics Of The Earth And Planetary Interiors2.895
Global And Planetary Change2.766
Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of Australia2.653
Revista Mexicana De Astronomia Y Astrofisica2.456
Astrophysics And Space Science2.263
Space Weather-The International Journal Of Research And Applications2.149
Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of Japan2.066
Experimental Astronomy1.990
Acta Astronomica1.980
Planetary And Space Science1.875
International Journal Of Modern Physics D1.741
Research In Astronomy And Astrophysics1.640
Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy1.600
Astronomy Letters-A Journal Of Astronomy And Space Astrophysics1.432
Advances In Space Research1.358
International Journal Of Astrobiology1.256
New Astronomy1.146
Geophysical And Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics1.062
Astronomy Reports0.943
Astronomische Nachrichten0.922
Bulletin Of The Astronomical Society Of India0.894
Astrophysical Bulletin0.873
Journal Of The Korean Astronomical Society0.837
Gravitation & Cosmology0.716
Journal Of Astrophysics And Astronomy0.711
Earth Moon And Planets0.667
Baltic Astronomy0.654
Solar System Research0.647
Contributions Of The Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso0.591
Cosmic Research0.510
Journal For The History Of Astronomy0.439
Astronomy & Geophysics0.324
Kinematics And Physics Of Celestial Bodies0.282
Earth Planets And Space-