Journals in Biology

Journal Name 
Nature Reviews Genetics 
Nature Methods 
Annual Review Of Biochemistry 
Nature Genetics 
Nature Reviews Microbiology 
Annual Review Of Plant Biology 
Cell Stem Cell 
Nature Cell Biology 
Cell Metabolism 
Advances In Anatomy Embryology And Cell Biology 
Annual Review Of Cell And Developmental Biology 
Trends In Ecology & Evolution 
Science Translational Medicine 
Annual Review Of Genetics 
Annual Review Of Biophysics 
Genome Research 
Microbiology And Molecular Biology Reviews 
Systematic Biology 
Molecular Cell 
Annual Review Of Entomology 
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 
Studies In Mycology 
Fems Microbiology Reviews 
Nature Chemical Biology 
Trends In Plant Science 
Cell Research 
Cell Host & Microbe 
Annual Review Of Microbiology 
Trends In Cell Biology 
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Computational Molecular Science 
Trends In Biochemical Sciences 
American Journal Of Human Genetics 
Molecular Systems Biology 
Genome Biology 
Genes & Development 
Annual Review Of Ecology Evolution And Systematics 
Embo Journal 
Progress In Lipid Research 
Trends In Genetics 
Journal Of Cell Biology 
Developmental Cell 
Nature Protocols 
Biological Reviews 
Annual Review Of Phytopathology 
Briefings In Bioinformatics 
Current Biology 
Plos Biology 
Plant Cell 
Trends In Microbiology 
Nucleic Acids Research 
Molecular Biology And Evolution 
Embo Reports 
Annual Review Of Genomics And Human Genetics 
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives In Biology 
Current Opinion In Cell Biology 
Cell Death And Differentiation 
Bmc Biology 
Current Opinion In Plant Biology 
Quarterly Reviews Of Biophysics 
Critical Reviews In Biochemistry And Molecular Biology 
Current Opinion In Genetics & Development 
Physics Of Life Reviews 
Antioxidants & Redox Signaling 
Current Opinion In Structural Biology 
Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society Of London Series B-Biologic 
Plant Cell And Environment 
Plant Physiology 
Current Opinion In Chemical Biology 
Journal Of Molecular Cell Biology 
Advances In Genetics 
Chemistry & Biology 
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 
Molecular Ecology 
Human Molecular Genetics 
Aging Cell