Journal NameIF (2014)
Chemical Society Reviews33.383
Progress In Polymer Science26.932
Nature Chemistry25.325
Accounts Of Chemical Research22.323
Energy & Environmental Science20.523
Aldrichimica Acta17.083
Annual Review Of Physical Chemistry16.842
Journal Of Photochemistry And Photobiology C-Photochemistry Reviews16.091
Surface Science Reports14.765
Coordination Chemistry Reviews12.239
Journal Of The American Chemical Society12.113
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition11.261
Natural Product Reports10.107
Advances In Catalysis10.000
Acs Catalysis9.312
Chemical Science9.211
Annual Review Of Analytical Chemistry8.833
Catalysis Reviews-Science And Engineering8.471
Green Chemistry8.020
Advances In Colloid And Interface Science7.776
Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters7.458
International Reviews In Physical Chemistry7.034
Nano Research7.010
Advances In Organometallic Chemistry7.000
Chemical Communications6.834
Progress In Solid State Chemistry6.600
Trac-Trends In Analytical Chemistry6.472
Organic Letters6.364
Current Opinion In Colloid & Interface Science5.840
Chemistry-A European Journal5.731
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis5.663
Analytical Chemistry5.636
Polymer Chemistry5.520
Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation5.498
Chemical Record5.492
Catalysis Science & Technology5.426
Crystal Growth & Design4.891
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C4.772
Inorganic Chemistry4.762
Journal Of Organic Chemistry4.721
Faraday Discussions4.606
Chemistry-An Asian Journal4.587
Journal Of Cheminformatics4.547
Analytica Chimica Acta4.513
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics4.493
Topics In Current Chemistry4.464
Acs Chemical Neuroscience4.362
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry4.321
Dalton Transactions4.197
Journal Of Chromatography A4.169
Carbohydrate Polymers4.074
Applied Catalysis A-General3.942
Catalysis Today3.893
Rsc Advances3.840
Microchimica Acta3.741
Journal Of Chemical Information And Modeling3.738
Arabian Journal Of Chemistry3.725
Journal Of Applied Crystallography3.720
Catalysis Communications3.699
Journal Of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical3.615
Journal Of Computational Chemistry3.589
Journal Of Analytical And Applied Pyrolysis3.564
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry3.562
Journal Of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry3.466
Microporous And Mesoporous Materials3.453
European Journal Of Medicinal Chemistry3.447
Analytical And Bioanalytical Chemistry3.436
Journal Of Colloid And Interface Science3.368
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B3.302
Catalysis Surveys From Asia3.276