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Trends In Cognitive Sciences21.965
Lancet Neurology21.896
Annual Review Of Psychology21.810
Endocrine Reviews21.059
Behavioral And Brain Sciences20.771
Nature Immunology20.004
Annual Review Of Neuroscience19.320
Annual Review Of Pathology-Mechanisms Of Disease18.750
Annual Review Of Physiology18.510
Journal Of Clinical Oncology18.428
Annual Review Of Pharmacology And Toxicology18.365
Annals Of Internal Medicine17.810
British Medical Journal17.445
Clinical Microbiology Reviews17.406
Archives Of Internal Medicine17.333
Pharmacological Reviews17.099
Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology16.503
Nature Neuroscience16.095
European Heart Journal Supplements15.800
Nature Reviews Neurology15.358
European Heart Journal15.203
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews15.038
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Annual Review Of Clinical Psychology12.674
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