Journals in Physics

Journal Name 
International Journal Of Modern Physics E-Nuclear Physics 
Reviews In Mathematical Physics 
Physica B-Condensed Matter 
Chinese Physics C 
Zeitschrift Fur Kristallographie 
Laser And Particle Beams 
International Journal Of Modern Physics C 
Journal Of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 
Symmetry Integrability And Geometry-Methods And Applications 
International Journal For Numerical Methods In Fluids 
Journal Of Mathematical Physics 
High Energy Density Physics 
Journal Of The European Optical Society-Rapid Publications 
Progress In Electromagnetics Research-Pier 
European Physical Journal D 
Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Sp 
Journal Of Statistical Physics 
Modern Physics Letters A 
Journal Of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 
International Journal Of Theoretical Physics 
Journal Of The Optical Society Of Korea 
Applied Magnetic Resonance 
Science China-Physics Mechanics & Astronomy 
Japanese Journal Of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Short Notes & Rev 
Physica Scripta 
Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactio 
Archive Of Applied Mechanics 
Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science 
Comptes Rendus Mecanique 
Philosophical Magazine Letters 
Central European Journal Of Physics 
Applied Rheology 
European Physical Journal H 
Foundations Of Physics 
Laser Physics 
Applied Acoustics 
Journal Of Low Temperature Physics 
Journal Of Modern Optics 
Acta Physica Slovaca 
Concepts In Magnetic Resonance Part A 
European Journal Of Mass Spectrometry 
Fluid Dynamics Research 
Semiconductors And Semimetals 
Canadian Journal Of Physics 
International Journal Of Thermophysics 
American Journal Of Physics 
Phase Transitions 
High Temperature 
Waves In Random And Complex Media 
High Pressure Research 
Chinese Physics Letters 
Physica C-Superconductivity And Its Applications 
International Journal Of Modern Physics B 
Romanian Journal Of Physics 
Journal Of Superconductivity And Novel Magnetism 
Communications In Theoretical Physics 
Acta Mechanica Sinica 
Shock Waves 
Acoustical Physics 
International Journal Of Exergy 
Journal Of Experimental And Theoretical Physics 
International Journal Of Quantum Information 
International Journal Of Computational Fluid Dynamics 
Reports On Mathematical Physics 
Journal Of Geometry And Physics 
Quarterly Journal Of Mechanics And Applied Mathematics 
Journal Of Plasma Physics 
Advances In Condensed Matter Physics 
Regular & Chaotic Dynamics 
Journal Of Computational Acoustics 
Spectroscopy Letters 
Acta Physica Polonica B 
Mechanics Based Design Of Structures And Machines 
Contributions To Plasma Physics 
Spectroscopy-An International Journal 
Physics Of The Solid State 
International Journal Of Applied Electromagnetics And Mechanics 
Acta Physica Sinica