Journals in Social Science

Journal Name 
Europe-Asia Studies 
American Annals Of The Deaf 
Economic And Social Review 
Syntax-A Journal Of Theoretical Experimental And Interdisciplinary Research 
International Journal Of Psychoanalysis 
Harvard Journal On Legislation 
Journal Of The International Phonetic Association 
Pacific Economic Review 
Tourism Economics 
Geographical Review 
Time & Society 
Innovation-Management Policy & Practice 
Swiss Political Science Review 
Economics Letters 
Systemic Practice And Action Research 
Australian Economic History Review 
Canadian Journal Of Sociology-Cahiers Canadiens De Sociologie 
Crime Media Culture 
English In Education 
International Feminist Journal Of Politics 
Japanese Psychological Research 
Journal Of Architectural And Planning Research 
Journal Of Housing Economics 
Journal Of Law And Society 
Library Quarterly 
Polar-Political And Legal Anthropology Review 
Review Of Derivatives Research 
International Journal Of Qualitative Methods 
Journal Of Asian Studies 
Post-Communist Economies 
Asian Business & Management 
Journal Of Geography In Higher Education 
Journal Of Macroeconomics 
Psychologie In Erziehung Und Unterricht 
Revista De Psicologia Del Deporte 
Journal Of Legal Education 
Journal Of Organizational Behavior Management 
Policy Studies 
Turk Psikiyatri Dergisi 
South African Journal Of Education 
International Journal Of Logistics-Research And Applications 
Humor-International Journal Of Humor Research 
International Journal Of Sports Science & Coaching 
Australian And New Zealand Journal Of Family Therapy 
Enterprise & Society 
Contemporary Economic Policy 
European Journal Of Psychiatry 
Narrative Inquiry 
Critique Of Anthropology 
South African Journal Of Psychology 
Archive For The Psychology Of Religion-Archiv Fur Religionspsychologie 
Child & Family Behavior Therapy 
Educational Management Administration & Leadership 
International Journal Of Manpower 
Defence And Peace Economics 
Law And Philosophy 
Estudios De Psicologia 
Womens Studies International Forum 
Memory Studies 
Library Journal 
Teaching Sociology 
Zeitschrift Fur Wirtschaftsgeographie 
English Language & Linguistics 
Journal Of Latin American Studies 
Journal Of Organizational Change Management 
Measurement And Evaluation In Counseling And Development 
Otjr-Occupation Participation And Health 
Psychiatry Psychology And Law 
South African Geographical Journal 
British Journal For The History Of Science 
Monthly Review-An Independent Socialist Magazine 
International Journal Of Cultural Studies 
Compare-A Journal Of Comparative And International Education 
Ethics & Global Politics 
Journal Of Hospitality Leisure Sport & Tourism Education