Journals in Social Science

Journal Name 
Circulo De Linguistica Aplicada A La Comunicacion 
City & Community 
Civil Szemle 
Climate And Development 
Collegium Antropologicum 
Communication Disorders Quarterly 
Comparative European Politics 
Competition Policy International 
Consumption Markets & Culture 
Contemporary European History 
Contemporary Political Theory 
Corpus Linguistics And Linguistic Theory 
Creativity And Innovation Management 
Criminology & Criminal Justice 
Criminology & Public Policy 
Critical Inquiry 
Critical Studies In Education 
Culture And Organization 
Data Base For Advances In Information Systems 
Decision Analysis 
Dialectologia Et Geolinguistica 
Dve Domovini-Two Homelands 
Econ Journal Watch 
Economia Politica 
Economic And Labour Relations Review 
Educacion Xx1 
Education And Training In Autism And Developmental Disabilities 
Education Finance And Policy 
Educational Philosophy And Theory 
Egitim Arastirmalari-Eurasian Journal Of Educational Research 
Electronic Markets 
Emerging Markets Finance And Trade 
Empirical Studies Of The Arts 
Energy & Environment 
English Historical Review 
English In Australia 
English World-Wide 
Ensenanza De Las Ciencias 
Environmental Education Research 
Estudios De Economia 
Estudios Filologicos 
Etikk I Praksis 
European Business Organization Law Review 
European Journal Of Developmental Psychology 
European Journal Of International Management 
European Journal Of Psychology Applied To Legal Context 
European Journal Of Social Work 
European Journal Of Transport And Infrastructure Research 
European Law Journal 
European Law Review 
European Political Science 
European Political Science Review 
European Review 
European Review Of Social Psychology 
Evolutionary Psychology 
Feministische Studien 
Field Methods 
Focus On Autism And Other Developmental Disabilities 
French History 
Frontiers In Psychology 
Games And Culture 
German History 
German Politics 
Gestion Y Politica Publica 
Global Policy 
Health Psychology Review 
Health Sociology Review 
Higher Education Research & Development 
Historia Critica 
Historia Y Politica 
History Of Economic Ideas 
History Workshop Journal 
Hong Kong Law Journal 
Human Ecology 
Iktisat Isletme Ve Finans 
Imf Economic Review