Journal Abbreviation: DREAMING
Journal ISSN: 1053-0797 (Print), 1573-3351 (Electronic)

About Dreaming

    Dreaming is a multidisciplinary journal, the only professional journal devoted specifically to dreaming.

    The journal publishes scholarly articles related to dreaming from any discipline and viewpoint.

    This includes

    - biological aspects of dreaming and sleep/dream laboratory research
    - psychological articles of any kind related to dreaming
    - clinical work on dreams regardless of theoretical perspective (Freudian, Jungian, existential, eclectic, etc.)
    - anthropological, sociological, and philosophical articles related to dreaming
    - articles about dreaming from any of the arts and humanities
Year Bioxbio Journal Impact* Impact Factor Total Articles
2017/2018 - 0.681 24
2016 - 0.867 25
2015 - 0.636 22
2014 - 0.625 23
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